Lollipops for equality

As men living in the modern western world, we can no longer tolerate women being oppressed by patriarchy. Constant attention by mainstream media continuously reminds us of the sexist oppression of women, diminishing their identitites and individuality. These experiences, shaped by historical context and sociatal prejudices in a climate of inequality are no longer tolerated. It is time to finally give women the means to overcome oppression by patriarchy and men in general. It is time to give women the power they need to peacefully live in an equal-opportunity environment.

It is time to close the gender pay gap. It cannot be that in a market-oriented economy women are paid less than men for being equally productive in the same field of work. It is time to make sure the “glass ceiling” preventing women from reaching higher managerial positions in corporations and the public sector does not exist.

Women are still portrayed as “weak” or “submissive” or even “sexually available”, all being understood as signs of female inferiority attributed to sexism. Even worse, women are accused of being “bitchy” when they do not meet up with commonly agreed-upon societal standards. This sort of gender discrimination results in women experiencing anger and sadness, which can lead to long-term effects of depression and suicide. This is a very real problem for women from all cultural races and ethnicities and of various faiths and beliefs.

It is time to end rape culture and make women feel safe when walking public streets or going to a complete stranger’s apartment drunk and drugged in the middle of the night. Women are not only subjected to sexual, physical and mental violence, but even accused of making it up, thus being blamed for being the victim of a crime, makeing women the perpetrators. This has to stop immediately. Society has to take responsibility as a whole for the actions of criminal individuals and punish such heineous acts timely and just.

So if you, as a man – or if you identify as a man, we all know that gender-based sexism is a problem for genderqueer humans or penguins around the world – want to help women overcome patriarchy and oppression, join us on March 8, 2015 in the largest square of your hometown for the Lollipops Against Patriarchy Rally.

We have learned from years of feminism that it is wrong to hold women responsible for their own actions, in terms of that they have to fight patriarchy and oppression themselves. They don’t. We, as self-identifying men, are responsible. But talking is not enough to change the minds of people around the world. It has brought us a long way in the western world, we managed to come a long way in terms of equality in women’s rights. But that is not sufficient, it is time to end patriarchal oppression forever. Which requires only a small action for men living in western countries like the United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxemburg, Liechtenstein, Canada or Australia.

Remember how it was when you were a child and hurt yourself and your mother gave you a lollipop and you immediately felt better? We live in a time where people think that it is more important that lollipops are bad for your teeth than they are good for your psychological well-being, but this is just how patriarchy tries to oppress women.

All it takes is a lollipop. Give a woman a lollipop, and she will immediately see all oppression being gone, will have equal rights as the man who gave her the lollipop. She will not live in fear in a rape culture and instead be surrounded by nice, equal men and women enjoying lollipops. She will earn as much as a man doing her job earns, and she will not be victim to domestic violence any more than men are. She will have the right to bear or abort children without even thinking about the father’s interests, and be given opportunites to balance work and family life at levels men would not even dare to dream of. All this can be achieved with one single, cheap cherry-flavoured lollipop. So, don’t hesitate any further, start helping women overcome patriarchy NOW!

Edit: There have been some voices claiming we are wrong. This opposition consists mainly of misogynic, homophobic, radical-islamistic or puritan christian or satanistic extremists or right-wing conspiracy theorists. Haters gonna hate, but they cannot win. We have scientific and bulletproof evidence  that the Lollipop System works. It’s just 5 cents. Try it and you will see for yourself, and make one woman happy and free of oppression by patriarchy. Not giving women lollipops means supporting patriarchy and oppression.

We thus call for party members and state officials to support our movement by providing free lollipops for those who cannot afford them by their own means.

2 Replies to “Lollipops for equality”

    1. Of course, we do also offer lollipops for men who feel they are discriminated against. You can pick them up at any time at a brothel of your choice in Chiang Mai, Thailand, after setting up an appointment. Unfortunately, we cannot deliver nationwide or internationally unless you are willing to provide ฿800 in postage stamps to the address mentioned on the “about” page.

      If you want to support the cause, we are happy to supply any international chapter with a starting capital of cherry lollipops, just send us you credit card number, name, expiration date, debit limit, CVC code and a HD scan of your signature, and you’ll immediately receive a whole pack of lollipops right away.


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