Once upon a time

A few years ago, a young immigrant in Munich committed violent crimes, but was sentenced to little prison time by a lenient judge, and was out on probation quickly.

Conservative politicians called for the deportation of the young criminal, but liberals opposed the idea, and the young man’s home country plainly denied his citizenship, making deportation a bureaucratic impossibility.

This also made the young immigrant a stateless person, but he turned away from crime, wrote a book about his life’s struggles, and was granted citizenship a few years later.

To reciprocate to his new home country, he decided to pursue a career in politics, and, at a time of political division in the populace, soon became very popular.

His “we can” – attitude was empowering for the people, soon electing him Prime Minister, and shortly after that, President.

Of course there were critics, but they were swiftly silenced by both favorable media and new “hate speech” laws, and the country thrived. He even installed a “People’s Court” do swiftly deliver justice for all.

His immigrant success story soon inspired more Germans to emigrate and propagate their democracy, but they were met with a lot of hostility.

With, shortly thereafter, seemingly the whole world against him, he took his own life in the early morning hours of an artillery-ridden monday morning, knowing his vision of an United Europe would never come to be.

He wasn’t even given a proper burial.

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