Racist Racists, 2nd edition

For my German readers thinking “wtf, yet another English article” – I’m just preparing you for the oncoming doom. your new Chinese overlords all speak perfect English- better be prepared for that, right? And for the marginal case that the so-well-respected Donald Trump saves us from the evil capitalists Chinese, it’s a good idea to speak English quite fluently, too.

So, what’s this about?

There’s an association of “Romance writers of America” – that’s a bunch of underfucked, ageing chicks writing chick porn. But please, don’t just close this Tab because you’re thinking “wft”, as you’re male – it’s gonna be hilarious; I promise.

So, in contrast to men, who like to watch attractive women being banged by attractive men with the stamina of a steel pipe, women lack the imagination men have and thus can’t deal with attractive women in their masturbation fantasies. Thus women rather like to read porn, as opposed to normal human beings who like to watch porn. Thus, for my male readers: There’s these dollar-a-piece “booklets” that feature horribly written sexual escapades. Usually with an ugly duckling (but featuring great character) female protagonist that has some totally made-up and unbelievable struggle to “win the heart” (read: bang) of her love interest, who is usually more attractive than one of the 300 Spartans, richer than Jeff Bezos, a doctor and lawyer turned rocket engineer and loves to save puppies. Who, of course, likes her for her character –  which is left intentionally nonexistent.; identification purposes; you know…. For women, that’s essentially like any chick who’s kinda hot and willing for a man.

Of course, such “romance” novels have nothing to do with real life; real women just bang you because you are a lawyer, doctor, rich or love puppies. For my female readers: Did I mention I’m a doctor and love puppies?

Well, let’s get to the topic:

The Romance Writers of America racism row matters because the gatekeepers are watching

That turned you off quickly, didn’t it? You see, these horrible chick-porn books are actually racist, didn’t you know?

Now, I’ve written a quite philosophical primer on argumentation, as I don’t want to explain this every time over, but you need words to have meaning, and there’s currently two sides to the definition of “racism”. We’ll get to the endgame immediately: the most common understanding of racism is (1) that it’s a bad thing, because you shouldn’t judge individuals based on group prejudices. Then there’s (2) the modern-leftist-lunatic (that’s framing, btw) position that racism is “prejudice plus power“.

You see – this is missing the “bad point” thing. I say judging individual people on group prejudices is a bad thing (see Coleman) – oh look, with a reference for further reading – just in case if you don’t agree with the quite common-sense argument that, just because your brother is a serial rapist, we shouldn’t castrate and hang you, too – before (or after) we have you torn and quartered, of course.

Now, all humans are prejudiced – argue against that if you want, bigot – but power is, unfortunately, necessary – whine while you’re raped to death, dissenter. Both (prejudice and power; not rape and death) are not inherently bad things. Judging one’s life by the deeds of another’s is, though: I’ll not really argue that here, it’s essentially in every religious book, very well explained by Coleman, and while I’m totally not against all communists being hung for the deeds of Stalin – I just think that you shouldn’t violate other’s morals standards just because they oppose yours. I’m just not morally comfortable with putting people in Gulags for having an opinion; but if they are comfortable with putting people in Gulags – well – I do respect other people’s moral opinions, so why not put them in Gulags and starve them to death? I don’t want to end up in a Gulag; neither should anyone; that violates my moral standards.

Sorry, long prologue. So, what happened with the chick porn writers?

When Courtney Milan was quietly sanctioned by her industry group for pointing out another writer’s racism, she spoke up. And now everyone can see the problem.

Alright, this would get way too lengthy if I let the girls tell that, so: Courtney Milan is a chick porn writer.

There’s another chick porn writer, Kathryn Lynn Davis.

Now, as the racism isn’t obvious from the names, Courtney is (says she) half-Chinese. Kathrin is, on the other hand, like 65 years old and wrote a story about a strong independent woman (for fuck’s sake, but, dear male readers: that’s chick porn). Even the plainest, stupid Katniss Lawrence is a totally special snowflake whom everyone will immediately follow into certain death if she says so, because… I honestly don’t know. Also, some guy who irl is too busy banging random supermodels for some reason takes interest in her. Because? I honestly don’t know. It’s like when the fat, ageing plumber gets his door opened by a half-naked, boobs-bigger-than-brain bunny who totally needs to give that guy a blowjob before having that leaking faucet taken care of, bc – well, that’s something her working beta boyfriend can take care of, isn’t it? What could happen if a faucet is leaking? Or 10.000 men dying? Who cares? 

Ah – I got carried off. Now, Courtney the porn writer is, says she, half-Chinese, and so is a character from Kathryn’s 1970s (or so, it’s old) kiosk porn novel.

I’d like to mention that the worldwide racism against Asian people is essentially zero when compared to the racism by Asian people, but while Asian people do hold (and rightfully so) prejudices, they’re quick to change if you behave, like, a human being to them. Essentially, one might think that Asian people, just like white people, just somehow got the idea to treat other human beings like – well – human beings, right?

But, no, white Kathryn is pure evil (easily seen in the capitalization of “Asian”, but not “white”):

who last summer criticized Kathryn Lynn Davis’s novel “Somewhere Lies the Moon” on Twitter as a “racist mess.”

Please note that that’s the fucking New York times treating this as if it were an actual matter.

Wanna take a look at the horribly racist mess?

Ms. Milan, who is Chinese-American, took issue with the depiction of 19th-century Chinese women in the book, including a description of “slanted almond eyes”

Oh, how totally racist. Because, you know, nobody likes almondsthey may contain nuts; you know that, at least. I have a goddaughter, who isn’t Chinese-American, rather some Gypsy-Chinese (her Gypsy grandma is very keen on differentiating between the good and the bad Gypsies, but I guess I’m too racist to give a fuck) – who has beautiful almond eyes, just perfectly slanted, like what a poet would describe in a Western woman as “the eyes of a deer”.

The important point, here, is: both are considered quite beautiful – not only among the readership of the fascist Nazi in the Americas, but also among the evil Nazis in Asia. Actually, quite about everybody on this planet really, really fancies beautiful eyes, no matter if they are like slanted almonds or that of a frightened deer. It’s not even a vegan vs. meat – question. My best guess is that Courtney doesn’t have beautiful eyes by any standards – because it’s really, really rare that women can think beyond themselves.

“The notion of the submissive Chinese woman is a racist stereotype

Are we, maybe, forgetting that it’s a 19th-century novel, where women (rightfully, but that’s just my opinion; we didn’t have or want world wars before women got the vote, but as we know from ancient stories like that of Helen of Troy, women do…) had fuck-all to say? Also, the stereotype of Chinese (or any Asian) women being submissive is a total clichee; they’re total bitches.

But, honestly, let’s take a second to reflect on popular racist stereotypes of Asian women: They’re nice. Cute. Slender. Homemaking. Cook well. Oh, and – very well educated, intelligent, though humble.

How. Is. That. Bad?!

which fuels higher rates of violence against women,” Ms. Milan wrote on Twitter.

Well… actually, I’d love to see the statistics that prove that. I’m just gonna call you a lying bitch until then – you asserted something without providing evidence. I can dismiss that just so.

But hey, let’s see what the chink’s grievance is:

“I am emotional about these issues. Negative stereotypes of Chinese women have impacted my life, the life of my mother, my sisters, and my friends.”

Oh, really? Which negative stereotypes? You’ve mentioned beautiful almond eyes and being docile; only one of which is true for Chinese women in general, and none of which is true for you, Courtney Milan (trigger warning: picture of Courtney Milan).

Oh – aftermath:

The female porn author falsely accused of racism rightfully accused the fat, ugly female porn author, who has less obvious Chinese roots as Rachel Dolezal is black, of bullying.

The Association of female Porn Writers of the Colonies reprimanded the fake Chinese chick, because that’s what the nice aunties in kindergarten are there for.

The fake Chinese chick caused an uproar of batshit crazy PC activists who’ve never honestly earned a cent in their whole life.

Association of female Porn Writers of the Colonies faced a pestilence versus cholera decision, and, as they’re not men, didn’t invent antibiotics, didn’t have any balls, and thus gave in to the angry mob and un-reprimanded the fat porn writer.

The ageing porn writer obviously doesn’t make any money of the schlock “books” and pulls back, too. Editors back off, too. People step back from positions that were useless form the beginning.

Honestly: I’m just very, very convinced all people involved just didn’t have any balls.

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