Fact-Checking Fact-Checkers

Oh look:

President Trump has made 15,413 false or misleading claims over 1,055 days

Well, President Trump also said “you are fake news”, so let’s do a quick fact-check on the fact-checkers, shall we?

Trump’s statement: We have the best unemployment numbers and employment numbers. We have the best numbers we’ve ever had in our country

The Fake News:  False. More people are working than ever before as a consequence of steady population growth

You see, when you write “false”, but then confirm the statement is, as opposed to your claim it is false, actually true, that makes you essentially look like an idiot. Also, a growing population does not automatically mean more jobs; see, for example, Africa. Or Greece.

but the labor force participation rate is below levels seen in the 1990s and 2000s

The “labor force participation rate” is not part of Trumps claim. Also, I don’t know why it’s bad to stop working at age 22 because you invented Paypal, for example. You risk making an idiot out of yourself otherwise.

The unemployment rate has declined but not achieved record lows under Trump.

Oh, really? Do you have a bureau of statistics? You do? So, let’s see when the unemployment rate was better than under Trump:

Is it just me or does that look a lot like 1952-ish? As in “there’s nobody still alive who actually worked in that time”? Yep; technically, Trumps statement is not completely true, but compared to the Fake News media claiming it is false, it is a lot less misleading.

Verdict: Partially insane, false claims of falsehood, horribly misleading by the Fake News.

Trumps Statement: I can’t imagine they vote for it because we did nothing wrong. There was absolutely nothing done wrong.

The Fake News: The issues raised by Trump’s phone call with the Ukrainian president are serious. Trump now tosses that inquiry into his grievances over the Russian probe, which ended up documenting serious potential cases of obstruction of justice.

Making unfounded claims without an argument is essentially worthless and will be ignored by me. The wording “serious potential cases” is a double subjunctive, triple if you believe that a “case” has to be tried in a courtroom. Maybe, there is a possibility that an asteroid exists that might hit an earth-like planet at any time in the future, which could probably be earth. Wow, sounds so serious, I should get a Nobel price in astrophysics. Also, we’re doomed. Seriously.

Impeachment is not overturning a election nor is it a coup– if a president is removed, his vice president would replace him — but is part of the Constitution.

If you want to accuse Trump to insinuate that this is “overturning an election” or a “coup”, maybe you should quote him on that and not just mention it out of thin air. This has absolutely nothing to do with Trump’s statement. Also, dear American friends: Us Europeans, we know you’re uneducated, but your country essentially was founded with a coup. And, well, your Declaration of Independence makes coups essentially a human rightThat whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government.

This, of course – removal of Government by “the People” (capital P) – necessitates a violation of “certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness”. I’m not sure how any of these rights of anyone might be unjustly violated by investigating the Biden clan (eventually locking them up wouldn’t necessarily be unjustly violating one’s right to freedom) – or, with the Russian probe, which, as a shocking result at the bargain price of $32m, revealed that there’s zero evidence that Donald Trump likes to be urinated on by Russian prostitutes. Or any other matter of any importance, with the bar set pretty knee-deep in mud with Trump’s sexual preferences.

Verdict: No evidence; unsubstantiated claims by the Fake News are misleading.

Trumps Statement: They went out and did a news conference on the big trade deal — the great trade deal, one of the greatest trade deals ever made for our country

The Fake News: Trump keeps claiming that he significantly overhauled the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). [skip] the agreement was 95 percent the same as the old NAFTA; now it’s more like 85 to 90 percent

Okay, so he overhauled it by 5 to 15 percent. Were those parts not important? And how exactly does that contradict Trump’s statement? It’s a trade deal, it’s great, and it’s – in his opinion – better than the old one, which was, well, a great trade deal; you don’t make deals that you don’t think are good. Can you name, like, 1000 greater trade deals? Because, Trump didn’t say “best”. He said “one of the”. Why is that wrong or misleading? Your babbling, on the other hand, is very misleading.

Verdict: Misleading by the Fake News.

Trumps Statement: Shifty Schiff, a totally corrupt politician, made up a horrible and fraudulent statement, read it to Congress, and said those words came from me. He got caught, was very embarrassed, yet nothing happened to him for committing this fraud. He’ll eventually have to answer for this!

The Fake News: [long boring babbling] Trump simply asked for an investigation of a potential 2020 rival.

There is nothing wrong with investigating wrongdoings of politicians. Literally like Trump said.

Trump sometimes claims that Schiff was guilty of a “crime” and should be tried for “treason” but there is no basis to make such claims. Schiff engaged in political speech. “Treason,” defined by the Constitution, is giving “aid and comfort” to “enemies” of the United States, or “levying war” against the United States.

Why do you “quote” single words? Can you provide evidence of a sentence that actually makes that claim? You have 15.413 sentences, this one would be interesting. Instead, You quoted him saying “fraud”. You don’t disprove that allegation, so I assume Trump is correct.

Also, how is “political speech” immune from being “giving aid and comfort to enemies” of the United States? Imagine doing a BBC interview on June 5th, 1944, saying you’ve opposed invading Normandy the next day. That’s just political speech, isn’t it?

Verdict: probably true statement by Donald Trump.

Trumps Statement: This country is so respected and we were not respected four years ago, we were laughed at.

The Fake News: Polls by Gallup and the Pew Global Attitudes Project show worldwide views of the United States and its president have become more negative since Trump took office.

Neither linked survey opposes Trump’s claim; they don’t ask for respectability, but favourability. You don’t need to like your prison guard, but you should respect him (or be beaten up).

The Washington Post and others have reported that world leaders and allied nations often are baffled or upset by Trump’s moves and pronouncements.

So, neither the Washinton post not “others” have any evidence that Trump is not respected? Honestly? Try Deutsche Welle. But that’s not what he said, he was talking about the country.

Verdict: Incompetence by the Fake News Media is very misleading.

Trumps Statement: Unemployment is at a position — we’ve never had anything like this

The Fake News: False. More people are working [bla – repeated from above]

Oh look, you found your “fact check” so brilliant, you use it on multiple statements. Now, the problem with this statement of Donald Trump is: He doesn’t exactly say anything. Contradicting statements is much, much easier if you have a statement to begin with. These witch hunts, they are — we’ve never had anything like this.

No, this does not mean anything. Yes, you can interpret it – nicely or malicious, but that doesn’t make me having made any claim at all. About anything. Nada.

Verdict: Lazyness by the Fake News Media making their “fact-check” numbers ridiculously false.

Trumps Statement: The Pennsylvania unemployment rate has reached an all-time record low

The Fake News: The Pennsylvania unemployment rate in May hit its lowest rate (3.8 percent) since 1976 — as far as records went back — but had crept back up to 4.2 percent at the time Trump made his remarks

Do I actually have to comment on that? You, classically, don’t win arguments by yielding to your opponent. Also, as of December 10, the day the fake news quoted Trump making his (still true) claim, the Pennsylvania unemployment rate is unknown; 4.2% was in October. It still is December. The statistics people are busy buying Christmas presents, they can’t give you more current numbers right now.

Verdict: The Fake News Media “Fact Checkers” use outright lies

Let’s roll this up; we’ve found nothing but false and/or misleading statements by the Fake News, some of them contradictory in themselves and generally useless and boring. I’m certainly not gonna advise trusting any politician, but this fact-check should show you that (1) Trump has a rationally sound reason to call that “Fake news” and (b) you shouldn’t trust the Fake News.

That being said; don’t trust me, either. That’s why I provide links. And please, don’t trust people just because they provide links. Essentially, don’t trust anyone you can’t spit in his face. People don’t like to be spat in their faces, so, generally, they won’t betray your trust if you could. And they know they’d deserve it.

Politics would be so much more honest if we’d just hang politicians after their term is up.

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