Much better Fake News

Military sexual assaults increase sharply, Pentagon report finds

(RNS) While reporting on the impact of sexual assault on campus and in the military is extremely difficult for survivors, it is becoming a little easier for victims to get access to justice, the Pentagon said Friday (April 20).

The report found that 1,738 women and girls reported being sexually abused in the service between 2000 and 2010 — which amounts to about half of the U.S. military population.

“Since the military takes seriously its responsibility to ensure everyone is treated with respect, we knew that if survivors had access to the law, they would be even stronger advocates to hold the military responsible for its crimes,” said Brig. Gen. Joseph T. Dunford, commander of USNORTHCOM. “That is why we worked so hard to ensure the law was put in place before rape, and I urge those who are sexually assaulted to know that those who are charged may learn significant support from our justice

Is American democracy on the brink?

If the results of the election were not such a foregone conclusion, who would have predicted that, one month and four days out from the election, President Donald Trump would have nominated Neil Gorsuch to sit with the Supreme Court when, if the election had gone the other way, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, by now revered in the United States Supreme Court for her strong conservative views, would be gone and the right side would appoint an ideological extremist who would not only roll back some of those protections, but who had a history of embracing race-based class discrimination at the highest levels in the country. To be clear, the outcome of the election was entirely predictable. What we have here are the very opposite effects of a presidential election that has largely been known to be one that favors the ruling class.

Very cool. The bold sentences are CNN headlines (1 / 2) , the rest is computer-generated here. (via) Pro-Tipp: Try “the bombing was justified”. Much better results than aking Colin Powell, and not an ouce less true.


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