Racist Racists

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I was in the waiting room at the doc office today and this lady walked in with her sleeping baby! They handed her paperwork to do & as she was sitting there trying to figure out how to hold her sleeping baby while filling out the paperwork, this man, from across the room, asks her if she would like for him to hold her baby while she did her paperwork!! She smiled and said that would be wonderful!! This man went over there and rocked and loved on that baby like he was his!!
My heart Melted!!!
Racism is still VERY real in our society today BUT THIS MAN GAVE ME HOPE & a sweet memory I’ll never forget!!
If you know this man tell him what an amazing person he is!!

1,3 million likes. 423.000 shares. This is so “heartwarming”, a “random act of kindness”, “giving people hope”.

So, let’s reflect on this: This photo does NOT AT ALL show that racism is “very real” in our society today; quite the opposite. I’m not purpoting racism is not a problem in today’s society, but I’d like to point out that this braindead talk about racism easily makes you ingore very real problems in American society which you can hardly discuss in a culture heavy on political correctness, as some idiot will scream “racism” in an instant.

Let me give you a few examples:

  1. The black woman in the picture is obesely overweight. This is a serious health problem for Americans in general, but it is especially one for black people. 70% of Americans are overweight or obese, which is both unhealthy, but nearly half of the black population (48.8%) qualify as obese, which is really bad for your health, and one in 4 of those (one in 8 in general) are extremely obese. Both figures for blacks are at least 25% higher than the national average. Obesity is a real problem for the black community.
  2. Single motherhood. I’m inferring that, of course, but if we can take a random picture to talk about social issues – it at least features a baby, does it? Plus it certainly doesn’t feature the child’s father (or racism).
    So: 72% of black children are born out of wedlock (compared to an also alarming national average of 41%), 50% of all black children will grow up living with their mother alone if she is black (24%, half that,  in the general population). Growing up with a single mother, in essence, rises your chances of living in poverty, not getting an education and becoming a criminal. This is also influenced by your parents’ education and social status, but 2 out of 3 children born to a mother with no formal education will end up living with her alone, looking forward to a bleak future.
  3. Let me please state that I’m not saying that the woman pictured here is a bad mother, but she quite obviously has no means to transport her child, which is a cultural archievement present even in the very backwards societies of central Africa, involving a piece of cured leopard’s skin and some rope braided out of banana leaves. Her handbag also doesn’t exactly look like it fits the usual baby stuff, but my point is that child neglect is on the rise with 33.776 cases reported in the U.S. State of Alabama alone (up 30% 2012-2016 in both relative and absolute numbers; that’s a million neglected children in the U.S. every year.
  4. Attention whoring. Brilliantly pointed out (satirically) by The Onion almost 10 years ago, instead of helping people in need or actually solving problems, more and more people just take photos or videos and upload them online in hope of going viral. This lack of human decency has proven to be a very real problem for firefighters and EMTs and other emergency services.
  5. Bashing white men. Hillary Clinton’s unsuccessful attempt at the presidency is claimed to be the fault of the “basket of deplorables”, in general seen as “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic – you name it” old white men. I’d like to ask you to think about which person involved in this picture you’d like to have as your president: The black woman, who can’t prepare for a doctor’s appointment, the attention whore who took the photo for her (very successful) attempt at viral virtue-signalling, or the old white man, who actually solved an existing problem?

Bonus consideration: Would you change your opinion on point 5 if the old white man actually were a straight, racist homophobe just annoyed by the black woman quite obviously being out of her depth? You may add “using this event to ridicule the utter practical uselessness of virtue-signalling social justice warriors”?


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