The @realDonaldTrump is a Maniac

As I mentioned earlier, there are obvious similarities between The Donald and The Devil in both sharing the same initials, but I was still rather amused about the idea of Trump being the leader of the United states. This was mostly because of the US being the nation that brought the world the electric chair, feminism, nuclear weapons, the Taliban and political correctness, so they deserved it.

While amusing at first, especially seeing the presstitutes desperately trying to portrait some old hag that personally gave us ISIS as favorable to The Donald for whatever reason they could come up with, I yesterday watched the presidential “debate” which only leaves one rational conclusion:

Donald Trump is a madman and cannot be allowed to be the president of the United States.

Why, you wonder? Because he called some now (and then) chubby woman “Miss Piggy” after she won the Miss Universe pageant by devouring all her contestants (she is a Latina, they gain weight slowly)? No – of course not. But because Trump’s first response to a question regarding the US economy made him look like an ignorant dabbler. He thinks the problem is:

Thank you, Lester. Our jobs are fleeing the country.

That was his first statement! Hey, dumbfuck, there was only one Jobs important to the US economy, and Steve is dead. What an idiot! No one in their sane mind would vote for that. But that is not all – the brilliant host, named Lester, catches in on it and asks a follow-up question on how to tackle the economic problems. And Donald responds with a “solution” that makes Donald Ducks quacking sound like Stephen Hawking’s synthesizer:

I will bring — excuse me. I will bring back jobs.

What a megalomaniac! He obviously lost his marbles to the presstitute fairies. Nobody can rationally support a man who thinks he can bring Steve Jobs back from the dead, even if the media continuously portray him as a fallen angel.

We have lost a good entrepreneur to the ramblings of the delusional media. What a pity. But there is hope for the American voters: the only alternative has a daffy smirk, induced by a shitload of amphetamines, but at least can remember the talking points her Marxist writers stole from Mao’s speeches by heart. So, dear Americans, the choice is yours: a tarted-up train wreck, or a delusional maniac. Democracy is great!



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