This post will be in English. If you cannot speak English, learn it.

I’ve spend the day with one of the most stupid pieces of work I ever did in my life, and when my head startet to start showing symptomps of an imminent explosion, I started watching some of Bearings Videos on youtube.

When I came back to some level of sanity – it’s always nice to be reassured that I am not the only intelligent being on this planet when you are in my line of work – I found out that not only is one of the most prominent German youtubers doing cringy videos on feminism, but there are not only bloggers who refute such stupidity, but youtube commentators as well.

And while the mentioned youtube commentator, Stapel Chips, has not done a video on the newest stupidity (yet), the blogger Der Doktorant has already sufficiently debunked the nonsense of the incredibly fast-spoken, incomprehensible bullshit of the youtuber named Andre Teilzeit, who, by the way, claims to be living of the nonsense he spits out there. He is making 219 $ per month off Patreon, so I guess he is heavily subsidized though welfare or another state program, as are all German feminists.

I will thus not be making a video and instead recommend Stapel Chips again, there is limited room to make money out of this and if there is any, give it to him. He could, maybe, buy a microphone with some padding, then.

While going through all this today, I noticed the #MessageToFeminists campaign. This campaign, essentially, is a chain letter, to which my usual response would be to return an envelope filled with glitter, but as I was not invited to it, I’m happily willing to participate.

The so-called “challenge” is, in essence, an effort to raise awareness within and outside of the sane part of the internet community that there are a lot more people other than pro-feminists. To show feminists that we are perfectly capable to debunk their nonsense in every country around the world. To call out the contradictions and lies of feminists, governments and the fucking United Nations on the topic of so-called “gender equality”.

I think this is a good and honest, rightful course of action, thus I wanted to add my own message for feminists. The most prominent and cringeworthy feminists in Germany are on TV, unfortunately. But I found a person on youtube advocating feminism. Kindly, my message to feminists around the world thus can be summarized in a literal quote of what German feminists today use as a reason to subscibe to the Church of Feminism:

“Feminismus ist ein Geisteszustand”

This translates to “Feminism is a mental state”, if you translate it literally. To be fair, he probably wanted to say “state of mind”, but the German word can mean both, and if understood that way, it would be the only 100% honest and correct thing in his whole rambling video. Feminism is a mental mental state. Please go and seek help from a psychatrist.


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