@rabidretarded – #rabidretarded

The Oxford English Dictionary, which, for some reason, twittered “rabid feminist” as an example sentence, was accused of sexism.

One or maybe two thousand commentators possesed the intelligence to point out that there is – according to the very same dictionary – a difference betweeen “female” and “feminist”.

As another dozen commentators said, the @oxfordwords Twitter channel should cut the word “balls” from their previously highly-respected dictionary.

Let’s do an analysis:


While literate people at @oxfordwords were trying to explain words, approx. three (3) obvious illiterate SJW’s took over.

@oxfordwords bowed to the three (3) SJW’s.

@oxfordwords was said to “have no balls” by at least 3 * n^m people [where 3 n^m > 3].

Blah, blah blah, usual bullshit. Who gives a fuck.

Let’s go back a step: There are two partys to this: delusional psychos, joined by agenda driven lunatics pushing their agenda, and the fucking editors of the Oxford Dictionary at least trying to teach people English.

This incident happened a day ago, and obv. delusional psychos, joined by agenda driven lunatics, won. What a win for society!

What could have happenend, if anyone at the @oxfordwords makers still had a conscience, would have been – facing the detrimenduous accusation of not even saying, but stating “rabid feminist”: Change your fucking dictionary to the reality. “Feminists” are – congruently – lunatic psycho crybully-babies. You make the definitions! But what, @oxfordwords, did you do? Cave in. Who is to take you seriously now? Men with dicks? Women? Intelligent people in general? Hey, go for your chances with men without dicks or women without morals. No? No-one?

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